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mechanize — Download

There is more than one way to obtain mechanize:

Note re Windows and Mac support: currently the tests are only routinely run on Ubuntu 9.10 (“karmic”). However, as far as I know, mechanize works fine on Windows and Mac platforms.


  1. Install EasyInstall

  2. easy_install mechanize

Easy install will automatically download the latest source code release and install it.

Source code release

  1. Download the source from one of the links below

  2. Unpack the source distribution and change directory to the resulting top-level directory.

  3. python install

This is a stable release.

All the documentation (these web pages, docstrings, and the changelog) is included in the distribution.

git repository

The git repository is here. To check it out:

  1. git clone git://

I prefer questions and comments to be sent to the mailing list rather than direct to me.

John J. Lee, March 2011.